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Become your faction champion


World PvP has always been a core component of Warcraft since its early days. The organic nature of the struggle between Alliance and Horde factions and the game's immersive open world experience create unique opportunities for intense battles, fierce skirmishes, decisive ambushes and epic duels. As there's always room for improvement, let us ask one simple question: how can we improve it?


Answer the Call to Arms

This website was created to inspire the World of Warcraft Dev Team on new World PvP ideas, in a professional way concepts and ideas made and loved by the community to revive and improve War Mode, introduced during the Battle for Azeroth expansion.

Through related activities, War Mode can become an addictive, epic, deeply immersive and engaging open world game mode through large-scale fights (mass PvP, Realm vs. Realm) that would be very appreciated by all players!

Guilds and players whose prestige are measured by their captured forts and towers, their war prowess (battles, honorable kills, Guild vs. Guild clashes) and the glory of defending their faction.




We aim at not only bringing back War Mode, but also reignite the interest in zones from the Old World through dedicated War Zone regions, where players can earn exclusive rewards!


#1 Collect Enemy Trophies, Increase War Mode Action

Defeating a tough opponent in Open World PvP can feel thrilling and epic, even more than in instanced PvP. Collect your fallen opponent's Dogtags and keep it as a kill proof to boast about it to your friends and prove your worth.

Dogtags are also a short- to medium-term currency that allows more activities to occur in War Mode, letting the participating players to collect more Dogtags, work towards exclusive achievements and increase their Faction's domination over a region, as well as a means to get even more Azeroth Coins for long term rewards.

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#10 Feel the Anguish of the Road

Roads aren't safe in a battleground area, but you have no choice. Will you risk cutting through to get to your destination faster? Or will you choose to stay on the predictable way with a 10% speed bonus?


Each week, few War Mode zones will have flying mounts disabled, making objectives harder and faction heroes facing one another for glorious battles.


Riskier missions and increased encounters with the opposing factions will up the stakes and bring more action!


#4 Earn Exclusive War Mode Rewards!

Showcase your skill and dedication to your faction through exclusive and unique War Mode rewards. War-torn mounts, battle pets and prestigious titles and tabards will allow you to brag and display your skill to your Faction, and intimidate the enemy on the battlefield!


#12 March to the Drums of War!

Feel the epicness of battle within you with your Faction's War Drummer and defend him, as he provides your allies with a significant Fervor of Battle buff that increases your combat ability.


Get immersed in the fight with iconic Warcraft battle music played while you vanquish your enemies and feel the thrill of charging at the sound of war horns!


For the Alliance! For the Horde!


#7 Jump Into the Action

When joining a War Mode zone, immediately get into the action with the fight hotspots located on your map.


Color-coded zones will give you an idea of the scale of the fight, from a small skirmish to an all-out battle for the control of a strategic location like Stromgarde Keep! The map is updated live, so you can join in and help your fellow combatants.


Events and strategic escorts will often be at the heart of these fights, and you will have to choose between fighting to protect, or striking your enemies' weak points.


#9 Defend Selected Areas for Extra Rewards

Each week, a PvP NPC in Stormwind and Orgrimmar will call the players to arms in specific areas, where you will get extra rewards when completing actions and quests there:

Defend Loch Modan from the Horde's need for timber, survive an epic battle in the Arathi Highland, strategic crossroads of the Eastern Kingdoms, or control powerful locations in the sand dunes of Tanaris!


Kill enemies and their scouts or attack their stronghold to earn bonus Honor and Conquest, as well as the exclusive War Mode rewards!


#2 Trade Azeroth Coins for Unique Rewards!

War Mode is also about long-term rewards: gather your allies, prepare your strategies and ready your defenses and keep the victory yours to access unique mounts, transmogrification items and titles through a universal currency: Azeroth Coins.


Trade your coins in your capital and show the world that no one stands in front of you in War Mode!


#5 Prepare your Guild for War Mode

Claim cities and fortresses from old expansions with your guild flag, showing the other guilds your might! By keeping strongholds and towns under your protection, you will earn Honor and Conquest bonuses shared among the guild. But take care of the enemy guilds that will try to conquer your beloved places for their own!

And if you are not strong enough with your guild, join other guilds of your faction to face the enemy and reclaim your territories together!


#8 Grow your Faction's Influence and Control Regions

As your Faction accomplishes objectives, gathers resources, captures outposts and dominates the battlefield, its influence and grasp on the region strengthens.


Should your influence completely rule an area, your Faction will unlock exclusive events to earn additional Azeroth Coins for a day! Total domination doesn't mean small skirmishes and ambushes can't happen from the opposing Faction, so beware of the unsafe roads... Enemies might be lurking to get your Dogtag!


#11 Power-up Yourself with Crafting

Boost your power during a limited time, become more resilient or faster with special War Mode crafting patterns that you can obtain on foes or from faction traders.


Gather resources in War Zones and then conquer areas to access the special crafting stations to meticulously create your exclusive armor to grant you War Mode bonuses, or brew powerful potions. Don't forget to take your speed boots crafted by your engineer friend to cross the battlefield!


#13 Become the Ultimate Faction Champion

Defend and fight for your Faction across all of Azeroth, protect Strongholds and capture objectives from all the areas in the world to obtain the ultimate show-off reward, a special title and unique mount: Justice of the Alliance, Right Arm to the Warchief.


#14 Who's Name Will Last Forever?

Know the names of the best of the best. Periodic Leaderboards of War Mode Honorable Kills and Deaths for both individual players and Guilds are published and accessible in game.


Rise to eternal glory by representing your Faction and vanquishing your enemies to be part of the elite! Some Heroes like to operate from the shadows, you will be able to choose not to appear on the Leaderboards.



Rediscover Old Zones through War Mode

The ultimate goal of all these proposals is to reignite the War Mode while also rediscovering the Old World and its wonderful zones.

As players get involved in all sorts of activities, they will be rewarded with Azeroth Coins as a long-term currency to unlock glorious rewards and items! Guilds can also get involved to have their name on strategic buildings as they capture Strongholds and Outposts to grow their Faction's influence. With enough influence, exclusive activities will be unlocked temporarily for the dominating Faction, while the minority Faction can also work on ambushes, and other surgical strikes to destabilize the more influential Faction and still earn rewards.


The most heroic players can earn glorious titles showing they mean business in War Mode, ultimately working towards becoming their Ultimate Faction Champion!

"Introducing what you proposed and adding it across a remade old world, would give this game amazing evergreen content - making down time between big patches feel non-existent."

user PlayTank on Reddit


© 2022 by The Warmode Project Team

Assets from Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.

3D Assets Handpainted by Kynvaras, member of this project.

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Explore a new vision on War Mode, brought by a community of players, to inspire WoW Dev Team.


#6 Escort the Caravan

War demands resources. Lots of them. And they are precious!

As a daily quest, you will have to escort a caravan from a point A to point B, netting you Honor, Conquest, Azeroth coins as well as crucial control points for your Faction. On the flip side, the opposing Faction will try to ambush and stop the caravan, or even worse, steal your resources!


Will you dare crossing the dangerous Plaguelands? Or would you rather march in the snow of Alterac Mountains? Or the savage forests of Stranglethorn Vale and Ashenvale?


And it's not the only danger: the opposite faction will have to destroy the caravan, of course! Get ready for the fierce battles ahead: Gather a pack of Orcs and Trolls warriors from the Horde to ambush the Gnomes and Humans of the Alliance escorting the caravan to prevent them from tightening their grasp on the region. Who knows, the spoils may even contain some Azeroth Coins and precious resources... Will you be able to withstand their surprise attacks?


#3 Unlock Champion's Armor

Increase your reputation towards the Alliance or the Horde by killing the opposite faction in War Mode, allowing you to unlock one of the greatest rewards : the Champion's Armor.


This unique transmog tied to your race will strike fear into your rival's heart! However, very few have what it takes to survive long enough and slay numerous enemies: this will be available after a huge grind, a way to have another long term objective.


This is the ultimate reward.


These armors were designed by Handclaw.

These fantastic armor sets were received with tremendously positive feedback from the Community. Dear Blizzard, we strongly recommend having these in game eventually!


#15 Faction NPCs Will Help You in Battle!

Players will be able to interact with multiple NPCs as they engage in War Mode activities. From Stronghold Coordinators to Scout Leaders and their scouting parties, varied objectives will happen at the same time in War Mode areas, potentially impacting skirmishes and drawing players in regions of the map.

Bolster your Stronghold's defenses and pay for additional patrols with your Dogtags, escort or ambush messengers transmitting valuable information to other outposts. You can even coordinate a Stronghold offensive to attempt its capture!


#16 Chime in the War Effort

Every resource counts. Another way to increase your Faction's domination over an area is to participate into the war effort, by gathering resources available in the War Mode areas. But beware of ambushes, as you'll lose your resources should you perish by your enemy's blade!


This may seem like the safest way to increase your Faction's influence, but as you're carrying resources, you'll be more vulnerable to attacks as locations are predictable.


Defend your fellow gatherer, or take it upon yourself to deliver the precious resources to your Strongholds and outposts!


#17 Use All your Arsenal

Rediscover lesser-used spells such as Tracking the Undead or Tracking Humanoids which can provide a tactical advantage when used creatively. Use a Hunter's Eagle Eye to mark players from afar, or a Shaman's Farsight to anticipate ambushes waiting for you in Deadwind Pass! Players can utilize these spells in combination with exclusive tools created through professions, such as entangling nets or engineer mines, to gain an advantage over their opponents.

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