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Peace is not everywhere on Azeroth

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A World of War

Genn Greymane and the SI:7 were determined to continue the war against the Horde despite the official peace treaty that had been signed. They believed that a small group within the Horde, the former Korkron forces of the tyrannical Warchief Garrosh and led by Grom Ragehowl, could not be trusted and that they were simply biding their time, waiting for the right moment to strike again.

With the help of Mathias Shaw, Head of the SI:7, Genn funded and supported covert operations to sabotage the former Korkron's resources and weaken their military capabilities. These ambushes and spies only served to anger the former Grom's forces and reignite the conflicts that were supposed to be settled with the peace treaty.

On the other side, Ellyna Starblade, a young and ambitious Night Elf Ranger, had risen to a position of influence among the surviving night elves while Tyrande Whisperwind was in the Shadowlands. She was determined to bring justice against those former loyalists to Sylvanas who had burned Teldrassil... The destruction of the tree and the deaths of countless innocent civilians was a brutal and unforgivable act, and Ellyna was determined to bring an end to the former loyalists' aggression once and for all.

Lor'themar Theron, the regent lord of Quel'thalas and new Leader of the Horde, was caught in the middle of all this. He was trying to maintain the peace with Turalyon, the leader of the Alliance, while Anduin, the King of Stormwind and Turalyon's close ally, was missing. The two side conflicts created tensions that Turalyon and Lor'themar had to overcome. Grom Ragehowl and his forces were determined to seek revenge against the Alliance for their attacks, while Ellyna was equally determined to bring an end to Sylvanas’ legacy and her loyalists.

Despite the efforts of Lor'themar and Turalyon to maintain the peace, tensions between the Horde and the Alliance continued to rise. The rogue Ragehowl forces, fueled by their anger and resentment towards the Alliance, kept launching increasingly aggressive attacks against them.

The SI:7 and the Alliance military, in turn, were forced to defend themselves and strike back in order to protect their people. As the hostilities between the two factions escalated, both sides found themselves drawn back into what seemed like the premises of a full-scale war, grasping at resources and strongholds to get the upper hand.

In the end, it seemed that there was no avoiding the inevitable. Despite the efforts of their leaders, the Horde and the Alliance were once again locked in a brutal and bloody conflict, with no end in sight.

The drums of war thunder, once again.

base lore ideas by @JezCorden

written by Nazka


© 2022 by The Warmode Project Team

Assets from Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.

3D Assets Handpainted by Kynvaras, member of this project.

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