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Meet the team


Meet the people behind the War Mode Project,
share their love for the game and passion for Open World PvP!

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The War Mode Leader

Leader of the Golden Lions on Twitch, Troma has an extensive experience in Player vs Player games and is always enthusiastic when it comes to them, as well as bringing people together for community projects and the betterment of his beloved games.

Troma is a multi-gladiator Warrior that also lead the French Overwatch community, in 2017, 2018 and 2019, most notably #avecle6. He now leads the War Mode Project to inspire the World of Warcraft Dev Team for the betterment of World PvP!



Words Warrior

Global gamer who has discovered WoW with Cataclysm with his priest before turning to the true class: Warrior! I globally play martial classes and tanks in games, including Dungeons & Dragons!


I like Warfronts in BFA and the War Mode Project is very interesting to rediscover old regions of WoW with a goal!


Words Wizard

I discovered the Warcraft universe with Warcraft III and Frozen Throne as a kid, then jumped to World of Warcraft in Vanilla while still young.


I still fondly remember spending hours on WarcraftMovies watching incredible World PvP videos while playing Resto Druid in BC and WotLK.

Now I have the chance to help this wonderful War Mode Project come to life, and I'm proud of it. I truly hope our ideas resonate with y'all.
See you on the battlefield! I may or may not choose to heal you.



Photoshop Tinker Queen

World of Warcraft has always been my go-to game throughout my gaming life. I'm now a very casual player, but it's still a lot of fun!


As this project is about improving one of the most fun parts of the game, I had to contribute with my graphic design skills (and what a pleasure to work with the game assets!). If you see a human priest picking flowers, be nice!


3D Archmage

Hello everyone! I'm Kynvaras, I do 3D and Handpaint textures for video games and cinematics.

I've always loved World of Warcraft, and I'm glad I could participate in this PvP project.

Arcane Mage player forever. See you on the battlefield!



Man in the Dark

Web dev front / SEO Expert since 2019 & MMORPGs player since 2002, Daika fell in the Warcraft universe in 2006 and quickly developed a liking for World PvP and having good times with his friends in Azeroth.

After playing a lot of MMOs, the only one he always comes back to is World of Warcraft. And this time, it will be on a heal or dps Monk that he will enjoy Dragonflight.


Team Healer

PrX has played MMORPG before we were born, on many platforms. He really enjoyed World of Warcraft in 2005, going places in Azeroth with friends.


Now he brought his massive experience in PvP MMORPGs to the Team, with a lot of ideas.


He enjoyed The Descent, Warcraft, Diablo, Jedi Knight 2, Quake 1, 2 and 3, loved StarCraft, but doesn't like DAoC, TESO, GW2, Lost Ark, New World, Rift, Conan Exiles and Aion. It's a long list, he's grumpy. But he enjoys Path of Exile, sometimes, too!



Tech Farseer

Hey, fellow gamers, Gweno here!


I’m in love with the Warcraft franchise and have been enjoying WoW as an enhancement shaman since TBC.


I’m truly happy to be part of this project as a developer of this website.

I’ll go back and chill with my elemental spirits now, cheers!


© 2022 by The Warmode Project Team

Assets from Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.

3D Assets Handpainted by Kynvaras, member of this project.

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Explore a new vision on War Mode, brought by a community of players, to inspire WoW Dev Team.

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